The Cones of Philadelphia (cones_of_philadelphia) is an instagram account which crowdsources images of traffic cones. Jazmyn Crosby and Brandon Straus have asked the people of Philadelphia to contribute to a digital cone archive. We seek to capture images that speak to the qualities that capture imaginations and have created an international cult of the cone. They are an object of traffic utility, yet become repurposed as good citizens attempting to solve insurmountable infrastructure problems. They’re symbols of authority which can be stolen at any moment. The subversion of their purpose creates serendipitous moments that reflect the spirit of the built environment. From preventing accidents, to participating in an uprising, they are a truly public object. They are a resilient and ubiquitous symbol of urban life that we seek to venerate. 
On February 6th we broadcasted a public access show presented by Lino Kino hosted by Automat Gallery. 
Our Panelists were Amze Emmons, Artist, Teresa Cervantes, Artist, Vikram Patel, Lawyer, Elizabeth Shores, Artist, Curator, Educator, and Anthony Elms, the Daniel and Brett Sundheim Chief Curator of the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania.
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